marți, 5 iulie 2011

To my students

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past months, about my experiences here, with all of you and my only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to spend with each of you, to get to know you all better. I wish I’d have the opportunity to tell you in person everything that I will write here, but in lack of time I hope a letter will do just the same. I watched you for an entire semester, I followed your work, your progress (which, in some cases, were amazing) and your continuous change as you’re trying to grow, and to find your way in life. There are a few more things that I want to tell you, besides “I will miss you very much”. Here they are:

1: Be active. Get involved in each lesson you have in school. Of course, it will not always be interesting (not all subjects are interesting, I know) but a little bit of effort makes everything easier and you’ll end up understanding more than you think you do. So, do your homework, pay attention in class, and try to be active. It doesn’t take that much, trust me!
2: Be respectful. Your colleagues, teachers, parents, people around you are generally trying to help you become a better person. That’s why show them respect, don’t be rude to them.
3: Learn to dance, sing, act or paint. Art is a universal language and it will teach you many things about life, passion, beauty but also about some of the bad things you should avoid.
4: Don’t be afraid to speak. If you want something, say it. If you don’t understand something, say it. If you like something, say it. Nobody around you is a wizard, so if you don’t express yourself, using the words, people can’t guess what you really think, or want. Speak. Be as talkative as possible. Take it from somebody who never stops talking: I pass for annoying sometimes because I talk too much, but one thing’s for certain: people know what I want or feel, it’s not a secret to them. And that saves a lot of time and energy for everybody.
5: Don’t keep secrets. Secrets make you vulnerable, telling the truth makes you stronger (telling lies is the same as having secrets, they’re never good and they’ll always bring you problems).
6: Make friends. For a short period of time, for a long period of time, for a lifetime, friends will make your life fun, and entertaining.
7: Stay away from romance-drama. You have a lifetime ahead, just for that after school finishes, sometimes it’ll feel like all your life means only drama and romance. When you’re 12, 13, 14, 15 it’s a shame to have to handle the drama, so it’s better to stay away from it. Again, after that, your entire life will be (mostly) about drama, and love and relationships. As long as you can avoid them, enjoy the fun you have now, and think more about making friends than about making boyfriends/girlfriends.

As a last word, because I’m not good with endings, good-byes and all that, I want to thank you for letting me into your classrooms and for receiving me with so much affection and curiosity. Thank you! 

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