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marți, 22 martie 2011

Momente de nepretuit / Priceless moments

Meseria de profesoara iti poate oferi sentimente dintre cele mai neasteptate datorita copiilor, care iti fac cele mai placute surprize, in cele mai putin previzibile momente.

Azi va impartasesc si voua cateva (pana acum le-am pastrat pentru mine, acum e timpul sa le impartasesc):

1: Intr-o zi, cand am intrat in clasa, copii de clasa a IV-a m-au asteptat cu tabla scrisa asa: “Welcome to our classroom Oana” si desene cu numele meu si inimioare pe tabla. Si asta fara ca cineva sa le fi spus sa o faca, ma vazusera la intrarea in clasa, discutand cu profesoara lor, si intuiau ca urma sa petrecem ora impreuna.

2: De Dragobete, copiilor de clasa a VII-a le-am povestit ca in unele zone din Romania, fetele isi pun busuioc sub perna, sa viseze cu cine se casatoresc. A doua zi, una dintre fete a venit la mine sa-mi spuna ca si-a pus busuioc sub perna, dar a visat cu toata clasa, si oare ce inseamna asta?

3: De 1 Martie le-am povestit de Martisor si de Babe. Le-am spus ca baba mea e in data de 2 Martie. A doua zi, o fetita mi-a aratat ziua: “Teacher, look, it’s the sun” ca sa-mi spuna ca voi avea un an norocos.

4: Una dintre clasele a IV-a a fost bolnava. Aproape complet. Din 25, intr-o zi au venit la scoala 6 copii. Asa ca am jucat spanzuratoare (nu avea rost sa incep o lectie noua). A doua zi, aceeasi clasa, primul lucru dupa ce am intrat in clasa si am salutat: “Teacher, can we play (aici imaginati-va un copil de 9 ani mimand “spanzuratoare”, caci uitasera numele jocului in engleza). Profesoara lor imi spune ca de atunci la fiecare ora copiii cer sa joace spanzuratoare.

5: Aici poate am fost cam rea eu, dar vorbind despre vampiri, multi dintre copii cred acum ca vampirii exista in realitate. Asta pentru ca le-am spus sincer, ca in Romania exista vampiri. Iar ei, in clasa a V-a, normal ca m-au crezut. M-au intrebat daca am vazut vreunul in realitate, si am spus ca in general tind sa-i evit. Nu pot sa nu-i ador cand ma gandesc ca probabil nu cred in Mos Craciun, dar cred in vampiri.

6: M-au intrebat care e jocul meu preferat. Le-am raspuns invatandu-i sa joace Mima. Ghiciti care e jocul lor preferat acum.

7: Si in final, reactia unora dintre copii cand ma vad intrand in clasa, acel “yeeeeeessssss” plin de bucurie sincera, ma face sa ma topesc de fiecare data.

Iubesc meseria asta!

Being a teacher can offer you unexpected feelings because of the children, who can offer you the most beautiful suprises, in the least expected moments.
Today I am going to share with you some of those feelings (until now I kept them for myself, now it's time to share them with you).
1. One day, when I stepped into a classroom of 4th graders, they had written on the black board: "Welcome to our classroom Oana", with drawings of little hearts and my name. And they were not told to do this, they simply saw me and assumed I would be going to their classroom.

2. On Dragobete (which is the Romanian equivalent for Valentine's Day, and celebrated on Februrary 24th) I told them about a Romanian tradition, for girls: if they want to dream about the person they will marry, they have to put basil under their pillows. On  the following day, one of the girls came to me and told me that she tried it, but had a dream about the entire class, and then asked what does that mean?

3. On March 1st I told them about Martisor and Baba. I told them that my "Baba" was on March the 2nd. On the 2nd of March, a little girl came to me and told me to look out the window: "Teacher, look, it's the sun", to tell me that I was going to have a great year .

4. A class of 4th graders were ill. Almost all pupils. One day, out of 25 children, only 6 came to school. Therefore, we played "Hangman" (we couldn't start a new lesson). On the next day, same class, the first thing the children told me after the greeting was: “Teacher, can we play (and here try to imagine a 9 year old miming a hanged man, since he forgot the name of the game in English). Their teacher now tells me that ever since, the children ask to play Hangman every day. 

5. Perhaps I was a little bit inappropriate here, but I actually managed to convince a group of 5th graders, that vampires really exist. I insisted that since I come from Romania, moreover, from Transylvania, I knew for a fact that vampires exist.  They did ask if I ever saw one, but I told them that I generally tend to avoid vampires. I just adore them when I think of the fact that they probably don't believe in Santa Claus, but they believe in vampires.

6. They asked me which was my favourite game. I answered by teaching them how to play Charades. Guess what's their favourite game now!

7. And last but not least, the reaction some children have when I enter the classroom, a "yessssssss" shout of sincere joy, makes my heart melt every time.

I love this job!

duminică, 20 martie 2011


Nota 10 cui gaseste asemanarile de cuvinte :).

vineri, 18 martie 2011

Ahhhhhhh, Svíčková

Cand calatoresc, mie imi place sa gust mancarea tipica a locului in care ma aflu. S-ar putea sa-mi placa, s-ar putea sa nu-mi placa. Sau, s-ar putea sa urce fulminant in topul preferintelor mele, cum s-a intamplat in Cehia cu Svíčková. Acompaniata de bere, desigur!

Whenever I travel, I always like to try the local food. I might like it or I might not like it. Or, it might instantly become one of my top favourite dishes, like it happened in the Czech Republic with Svíčková. Enjoyed with the local beer, of course!

vineri, 11 martie 2011

(II) Vizitand Cehia / Visiting the Czech Republic

Cehia e o tara in care lumea schiaza. Aproape toata lumea. De la copii care abia umbla singuri dar sunt pe schiuri, pana la oameni de varste inaintate, schiul pare sa fie un sport la loc de cinste pentru cehi (poate de-asta magazinele cu articole pentru schi sunt la orice colt de strada, din orice orasel, oricat de mic ar fi el). A fost deci, o idee minunata, sa incep sa schiez aici, in Cehia, si nu in alta parte. Am facut primii pasi intr-ale schiatului si eu zic ca i-am facut bine, pentru ca locul in care am fost este minunat pentru incepatori ca mine. E vorba de o statiune numita Horní Mísečky, ideal pentru vacante de schi linstite. Statiunea e superba, oamenii de acolo la fel, partia e spelndida, iar variantele de cazare oferite sunt foarte bune, ieftine si conditii excelente!

The Czech Republic is a country where everybody skis. Well, almost everybody. From young children who can barely walk (but who can ski), to elderly people, every Czech seems to appreciate this sport (perhaps this is one of the reasons you find ski equipment stores at every corner of the street, in every town, no matter how small it is). Therefore, it was a great dea to start practicing this sport here, instead of other places. I was fortunate to go to a place that is more than suitable for beginners like me, a ski resort called Horní Mísečky, a fantastic place for relaxing holidays. The resort is beautiful, just like the people you find there, the sloape is gorgeous, and the accomodation you find there is simply perfect: cheap and comfortable!

PS: Pentru aceia dintre voi care au vederea mai ascutita si curiozitatea si mai si, inainte sa ma intrebati ce-i cu degetele pansate, va raspund: m-am ars (yes, again!).

luni, 7 martie 2011

(I) Vizitand Cehia / Visiting the Czech Republic

Am fost in prima mea excursie cu copiii de la scoala la care predau. Oraselul in care am fost se numeste Dvur Kralove, cunoscut pentru fabrica de confectionare (manuala) a decoratiunilor de Craciun (recunosc, chiar si pentru o persoana care nu prea simte Craciunul, ca mine, o astfel de vizita e extrem de interesanta) si pentru un mic muzeu al costumelor folosite in filme si piese de teatru. Copiii s-au distrat de minune imbracand costumele de epoca din filme, si n-ar mai fi plecat de-acolo.

I was in my first school trip with the children from the school where I teach. We went to Dvur Kralove, a little town famous for 2 things: it's Christmas decorations factory (which I have to say, even for a non-Christmasy person like myself, was quite impressive) and its museum of films costumes. The children had a great time especially at the museum, where they tried on various costumes from old movies.    

miercuri, 2 martie 2011

1 versus "de la 2 in sus"

De cand fac cumparaturi pentru 1, am o problema referitoare la alimente. Nu gasesc nimic pe dimensiunea unei singure persoane. Vreau sa cumpar o conserva de porumb, o iau pe cea mai mica, dar normal ca e prea mult pentru o salata de o persoana. Vreau sa cumpar ananas, mananc un sfert, restul nu pot manca si pana a doua zi se cam strica. Vreau sa cumpar salata, aia e si mai tragic, se ofileste imediat.
Nu-mi spuneti "pastreaza la frigider" pentru ca asta fac, dar cum mananc putin, astea nu stau mai mult de 2 zile nici macar in frigider. In plus, o alta problema, mie imi place ca totul sa fie proaspat, la 4 zile dupa ce am desfacut o conserva de porumb nu-mi mai vine sa mananc din ea nici sa fie ea intacta...Si atunci sa nu ma enervez pe aia care nu stiu sa produca la cantitate pentru 1?

marți, 1 martie 2011

My beloved Martisor

De Martisor mi-e intotdeauna dor cand ma prinde pe alte meleaguri. Port Martisorul toata luna martie. Pentru mine cred ca e singura "sarbatoare" importanta a anului. Mereu simt prima zi a lui Martie ca pe o zi speciala. Si indiferent unde sunt, port martisor. Toata luna martie. Azi mi-e foarte dor de forfota zilelor de inceput ale lui Martie, mai ales pe strazile Clujului meu drag...

Apropos, v-ati ales Babele?